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The South Valley Regional Association of Acequias was founded on June 2, 2007 as a 501(c)(4) non-profit civic organization composed of the Atrisco, Arenal, Armijo (Ranchos de Atrisco), Pajarito, and Los Padillas Acequias located in of the Valle de Atrisco.  Acequias are political sub-divisions of the State of New Mexico.  We are members of the New Mexico Acequia Association and are dedicated to the maintenance and protection of land and water rights, agricultural traditions and way-of -life in our community.


Our Board of Directors are elected officials, Commissioners and Mayordomos, of the member Acequias and are responsible for protecting and maintaining the age old hand dug gravity-fed irrigation systems with community based systems of governance based upon the customs and traditions of the  Corte de las Aguas de la Vega de Valencia, since 960 A.D., and the Spanish Laws of the Indies.


The Coronado expedition, led by Captain Hernando de Alvarado in 1540, was the earliest sighting of what would later become known as the Valle de Atrisco. Pedro Gomez Duran y Chavez came to New Mexico in 1598 with Don Juan Onate and was one of the first of the colonists in the Valle De Atrisco. Ninety years later, 1692, his grandson, Don Fernando Duran y Chavez was granted more than 41,000 acres of Atrisco lands on behalf of himself and other settlers.


Any parciante or member of a private or community ditch may join the SVRAA and cast a one vote at a general membership meeting.


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